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As several of you recognize that the pattern of Etea has been modified. This answer was written in 2017. thus please take into thought the variations of each formats before acting upon these suggestions.

Unfortunately the books the majority recommended;

Etea (old edition)
were superannuatedprincipally as a result of the course has been modified and you will not realize a giant pool of queries for the new course neverthelessrelating to course books, lemme tell you this. this can be the foremost foolish issue to try and do. If its time period and you continue to are not through with course books. this can be the time you wish to prevent reading course once more and once more and select MCQs. whereas determination MCQs, your focus ought to be Past Papers. once more sadly, it's 2017 that the MCQs from ETEA (2014 and before) would mostly be of recent course however you'll still realize the healthy no. of Common MCQs of each course. Let Pine Tree State assure you that 40–50% of the ETEA check consists from the past papers, Yes! Same actual statement and typically even the choices area unit same.

You should cowl them completely at least 4–5 times. My recommendation to you is that you just ought to con them the simplest you'll be able to as a result of they'll get you over the halfway mark.

Then comes the KIPS series, that's conjointly extremely counseled, most of the items my academics at millimeter Academy schooled Pine Tree State was from Bsc (I didn’t are aware of it that point however realized throughout my Bsc category lectures). I want I had those notes with Pine Tree State to convey you however KIPS books would do constantly for you, I think.

Now comes the model MCQs, third within the priority order. they're required to apply functions solely as they're created abreast of constant format because of the ETEA paper. and for that, ICE book is extremely counseled however logically speaking, after you do one thing for applyyou ought to not bind yourself with one book solelyrealize as several MCQs as you'll be able to (as long as they're associated with this course).

4th within the priority order is millimeter Sunday Tests. they need to be started already (since Feb) Associate in Nursingd being an ex millimeter student, I'd extremely suggest these Sunday tests too. despite the score (, you shouldn't even check the score, in my opinion. although you get 500+ in them systematicallythis is able to not guarantee your performance in ETEA. I actually have seen students with 500+ in Sunday tests obtaining but three hundred in ETEA. My score was 387 that I'm still unable to work out why?) you'll be able to check yourself in variety of the way from time management to higher understanding of the queries.

Ok thus through with the books? Here area unit some tips for ETEA;

There is nothing like 100% preparation for ETEA, no matter what you are doingthere'll one thing still be left. thus certify you retain your pace up and ne'er take it simple even for a sec.
Namaz, Zikr, Dua’a, no matter what you'll be able to do, simply certify you don’t miss something.
ETEA has four aspects on that your preparation may be judged: Hardwork you have got the place, the potency of Techniques to try the check, Prayers, and Luck. 1st 3 area unit in your hands, thus at least certify you get them right.
Remember! Out of 27000–28000 students, solely 850 get designated thus ne'er LOSE the main target EVEN FOR A FRACTION OF SECOND.
“Time management” is vitalhalf the worthy students miss this time and you recognize wherever they find yourself right? You shouldn’t be one in all of them.
This one is very importantyou have got to try as several MCQs out of two hundred, as you'll be able to (at least 180). raise anyone United Nations agency possesses 600+ marks (my eldest brother had got 617. My sister had scored 590 whereas my elder brother had 495. The one common issue they still Pine Tree State once blaming me for obtaining 387 is that I had tried one hundred sixty MCQS only). although you cannotyou have got to!
The method for trying the check ought to go like this:
First, bear the check roughly in 0.5 hours trying those queries that you have got memorized on fingertips e.g: past paper MCQS, Model MCQS, Sunday check MCQS, etc departure those that need time to assume and solve.

This way you'll get a concept of that paper, that what quantity is it tough etc and at constant time, you'll be through with four-hundredth paper in no time. this may ease off a small amount of pressure however once more KEEP THE PACE UP, ne'er break down FOR A SECOND.

Then again go from the beginning to the tip doing those questions that needs a little bit of thinking and solutions like Physics MCQS ( not long ones, they're disgraceful of it slow, Mind you!).

So currently you have got in all probability marked 160/200 MCQS (80% of the test) and their area unit solely like forty-five minutes left.

On third and last time, your focus ought to be the MCQs during which you're 50–50% certain regarding 2 out of four choicesselect the choiceyou're a lot of assured with (even for regarding 100% ). thus you'll able to cross one hundred eighty marks. Go for one hundred ninety if you'll be able to. Keep crossing those MCQS on examination that you're through withthis may assist you in a fast investigation of the tried MCQs.

Take a mini-towel, a bottle of cold water (which will sustain the warmth for quite 3 hours) and a wrist-watch with an alarming attack at 10:30 am (half time).
Remember! If you're at Peshawar/DIK Centre, its the warmth that gets you always. Your whole body is going to be perspiration. Keep yourself hydrous.
Pray the maximum amount as you'll be able to. Its the prayer which may even modification the fortunes.
Don’t get nervous seeing 7000+ students (at one place) around you. hour of these does not even have 800+ marks in Fsc.
Stay centered for those five hours on check day. {they will|they will|they'll} build your life by transfer you nearer to your dreams and that they can even ruin your life by taking everything away you have got worked hard for, in moments.
You can conjointly see answers to the current question.

I will be taking a vital examination comprised of two hundred multiple selection querieshowever, ought to I try this test?

It does not mention Etea however you'll be able to see it in detail of the question. There area unit 3 valuable answers within the thread.

In the end, I'd say go cotton on guys! I seriously have tears in my eyes straight away. I can’t forget the time I saw my result on a portable computer screen. It wasn’t simply the result that i used to be observing. Those were my dreams snatched faraway from Pine Tree State. One cannot even imagine scrutiny straightforward Bsc with a degree like MBBS. you will not have this opportunity once more. Get your a$3$ tight. this can be wherever the toughest a part of life begins, you'll be able to bear this difficuty rather than the embarrassment you'll face if God tabu you could not build it to KMC. Yes KMC. do not even consider aiming for GMC, BKMC, NMC, BMC, GKMC, KCD, ADS, etc.. That one issue that I incomprehensible within the on top of points mentioned, you'll be able to ne'er come through something if you haven't desired for it absolutely enough. Aim for 600+. you continue to have time, you'll be able to do this if you haven't already. I actually have seen students obtaining designated in KMC on 560 and that I have seen students unable to induce admission on five hundredthus there's no guarantee for obtaining admission in KHYBER MEDICAL school (TOP fourth IN HEC RANKING) unless you GET 600+ marks.

May Allah SWT build your dreams return true. Ameen

Hope this helps. Good luck.



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