AIOU assignment sheets should be correctly pinned neatly and assigment ought to be made separate for each class in addition if you have not submitted your aiou assignments in the eventt you get declared fail aiou assignment marks are extremely important becuase in the event that you fail in any ecxcercise you are going to be considered failed as a whole subject and won,t be eligible to take a seat in final examination of that subject.

University alot another instructor for each circumstance this university has a special method of offering education to their students it provides education of international standard at the doorstep of the student within an affordable cost you may get in touch with your tutor to understand about marks then you should locate a teacher by topic and contact you while you desire to find out more you can get in touch with the allam iqbal open university by going through offical website inside the systen you should take assistance from these types of material in order an overview to your subbnission.

There are three boxes for your guys how to calculate aiou marks first is assignment marks ,exam marks,conflated marks,assignment marks are marks given by tutor exam marks are marks of examination and conflated marks are total marks there 2or 4 assigments depending on course.

There are total 200 assignment marks  for example one student got 160marks out of 200 firstly we take average of the marks  the weightage of assigment marks is usally thirty percent becuase aiou is distant learning education system so they merge these marks in conflct marks first we calculate assignment marks by multiplying 160 with 30 and we get 4800 so as we no total marks are 200 for assignments we divide it on 200 so he got 24 and exam marks we suppose he got is 51 than we calculate exam marks percentage by 70 which is weightage of exam marks   so we get 3570 and then divide it by 100 which are total marks of exam portion we get 35.7 and then add 24 into assignment marks so he got 60 marks out of 100 which are real or conflicted marks

So as you have seen assignment marks composed of 30% of final result so it can make orbreak your result so hope so this will guide you about assignment marks importance and weightage and  how to calculate result ,



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