What is the purpose of Jan Cartoon 2017?

Jan cartoon 2017 is the new urdu cartoon series for kids. A story about a child who's name is Jan. He is very cute,  curious about things. He has a family with whom he lived and he loved to play with his little sister MARIAM. Jan's elder brother MURAD taught him how to play games. He loves to ask questions from his elders. Every episode of Jan Cartoons 2017 has a lesson for children that how they can do good things. From Jan Cartoons 2017, Children learn good habits. 

Jan Cartoons 2017 leaves a good impact on children as this series is dubbed in Urdu, it's good for children learning. These cartoons contain easy educational material and a lot of things for the betterment of children.

Characters of Jan Cartoons 2017 

Jan (Main Character)

Mariam (Jan's little sister)

Murad ( Jan's elder brother)

Ammi Jan (Mother)

Baba Jani (Father)

Dadi (Grandmother)




In Progress 18-03-2020 Sana Fatima 1986

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