Jan Cartoon youtube

What is Jan cartoon youtube? Is Jan Turkish or Pakistan cartoons?

Jan cartoon youtube is very famous on youtube. Jan cartoon youtube channel is best for kids. Jan is a Turkish animated cartoon series. Jan is a little Muslim boy who is a very intelligent and smart.jan character revolves around an innocent boy and he trained our children some basic manners in a beautiful way. Most of youtube cartoon channel spread unethical messages to our children. But Jan cartoon changes trend of youtube.

is Jan Turkish or Pakistani cartoon?

Jan is Pak-Turkish collaborated cartoon.but made according to Pakistan culture. It is also famous among Pakistani kids.

In which language Jan is on-air?

Urdu, Hindi, Turkish

Jan on-air at?

Jan on-air on SeeTv 

and youtube link is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nriKjIsR44I


Jan(main character)


Murad Bhai(brother)



Dadi ama(grandmother)




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