How to Apply as officer in Army through PMA long course?

PMA Long Course is a procedure through which you're tested and your capabilities are checked for becoming a officier in Army. PMA LC registration came twice in year, one is even course and one is odd course e.g PMA 144, PMA 145. Both courses are same and have same selection procedure only the differnce is the name or you can say that last digits.

PMA LC registration starts in Febraury and October. You can register your self through After registration you are called off for the initial tests. Tests are held at your nearly selected AS&RC centers. Nearly in all major cities selection centers are there. 

Your Qualification must be Intermediate with minimum 60percent and age should be between 17-21years and only 3month of relaxation will be given in ages.

Your first initial test will be computer in which there are 3 portions. Verbal, Non-Verbal and Academic. Verbal include more than 84 questions. Non-Verbal include more than 76 questions and Academic include 50questions. You have to complete in given time. For Verbal 40minutes, Non-Verbal 35minutes and for Academic there is only 30minutes. You have to give 50percent right answer to clear your online computer test.

After Passing the online test you're called off for the Physical and Medical. In Physical test you have to clear the 1mile/1.6km in just 8 minutes. After completing the running, there are 15pushups, 3chinups. After clearing the Physical, there is your initial medical.

Your medical will be held in same selection centre. Your height and weight will be checked first. Than Your Chests expansion, Knee Knocking, Foot Flat, Carring Angle of Arms, Eye sight, ENT, and some other parts of your body. If you're medical unfit you'll be refer towards nearly CMH where you have to checked it properly, if you are rejected from CMH than you can't go further and you have wait for next course. After clearing your medical you're provided with interview form and after a few days you're called off for the interview.

Initail interview is very easy in which your confidence is the major thing for clearing the interview. In this interview some question related to your personal life will be asked, your intrest will keep, and just few questions related to history or academic will be asked.

After clear the interview toy're provided with ISSB form and you have to give it  back after completing and fullfilling all requirements of form.

After 40days or more than 40days you're called off for your ISSB test for 5days, where your mentally and physical capibilities will be checked. After clear the ISSB there will your final medical and than joining letter will recieved for the PMA.  


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