Does Pak Army Songs motivate us?


Pakistan National songs have ability to sum up a our nation mood. First national song was sang by Saleem raza in 1956 and that was "Ham Laen Hy Tohfy". After that a song was dedicated to founder of Pakistan. Quaid e Azam M Ali Jannah in 1957  that was "Aye Quaid e Azam Tera Ehsaan Hai Ehsaan" by Munawar Sultana.  Historic patriotic songs boosted the our army morale in the war with India in 60s and where our nation stood up together to support each other. National songs became also the force behind Sports campaign.

In Indo Pak war Noor Jahan also Play important role in motivating the nation by singing the best national song included 

  • Mereya Dhool Sipahiya
  • Aye Watan Key Sajiley Jawanoo
  • Eiy Puttar Hattan Tey Nai Vikdey

In 1965 many artists contribute their role by singing national song. Some of them are "Apni Jaan Nazar Karoon" by Mhendi Hassan, "Aye Watan Pyare Watan" by Ustad Amanat Ali Khan, "Ae Rahy Haq Ky Shaheedo" by Naseem Begum.

After that there become a series of National Song, on Every Independence Day, Quaid's day, or Pakistan Day new National songs were released and till now relasing.

Even to support the athletes and sportsmen, during international level also national song related to that sports released which build up more confidence in players.

Some of Best National SOng includes:

  • Mera Pakistan Hy ye Tera Pakistan Hy
  • Mera Inaam Pakistan
  • Me Be Hon Pakistan
  • Ae Watan Payary Watan
  • Dil DIl Pakistan
  • Lab Pe Ati Hy Dua
  • Watan Ki Mitti Gawah Rehna
  • Ham Zinda Qoum Hy
  • Sohni Dharti
  • Is Parcham Ky Sae Taly



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