The GOVERNMENT OF KHYBER  PAKHTUNKHWA  is a provincial government of the provincial government of the province of  KHYBER PAKHTUNKHWA. Its power and structure are set out in the provision of the 1973 constitution in which 32 districts come under its authority.The government includes cabinet selected from members of kpk assembly and non political civil staff with each department the province is governed by the unicameral legislature withe head of government known as CHIEF MINISTER .The CHIEF MINISTER and the cabinet is responsible for the functioning of the government.

Along with this the government of  KPK also offers numerous job in every field and the main purpose is decrease the poverty level and more chances especially for youth is provided to attain jobs and work for Pakistan the KPK government has recently launched KP YOUTH EMPLOYMENT PROGRAM the man purpose of this program is to provide digital skills to youth as  every wants to grow in the digital field whereas these skills are scares in the market due to this fact the employees find it more challenging to hire the right people with proper knowledge keeping in view the scenario the government has found solution and released KP YOUTH EMPLOYMENT  PROGRAM.

The objective of this program is to train youth on digital skills like AMAZON WEB SERVICE,MICROSOFT AZURE,BIG DIGITAL ANALYTICS the applicant must be IT graduate and of kpk and less than 35 years old the youth can register at www.kpyp.com.There are also multiple jobs offered by kpk in other sectors such as livestock and dairy department jobs,Pakistan forest institute kpk jobs,Pak army cadet collage jobs,Environment protection tribunal peshawar jobs, tehsil muncipal administration jobs,district and seesion court jobs,Khyber teaching hospital house job for graduates of kpk,you can get adds of these jobs on social media,newspapers and you can also see it on offical website of kpk government and can apply for it through offical website www.kpk jobs.govt.pk  



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