The  Sehgal Group also known as the Kohinoor Group is Pakistani company is founded in 1930 by Amin Sehgall . Sehgal Motors is a part of this group and is one of the leading online retail in Pakistan offering e-commerce market place for Car Accessories,Modification,Decoration Parts,Gadgets,Body conversions and Mobile Accessories.Headquartered in Lahore, the online shopping Platform has a Portfolio of over 100 local and international brands and has established it self as notable success story.

The company aims to provide e-commerce services at lowest possible price with the minimum commission charged from its vendor. To support the development of a vibrant online culture Pakistan leading online portal SehgalMotors.pk which hosts over 1000.000 visitors on its website  daily offers a portfolio of over 25,000 products,cash on delivery,nationwide shipping and 7 day return policy.  To enhance your experience sehgal motors has launched an online shopping app for ANDROID and iOS phones in order to provide user friendly and easily accessible platform for customers on-the-go and simply shopping to the fingertips of SehgalMotors.pk users.it welcomes all new brands,vendors and products on its portal to provides its costumers all under one roof experience at a commission of 1%to 2%.

To enrich user experience several brands and products are readily available by SehgalMotors.pk  by its vendors on sale base mechanism.However  SehgalMotors.pk does not take any responsibility or liability for examining or evaluating,or assume any liability for the actions,products and content of any of these or third parties. if you want to sell products at SehgalMotors.pk feel free to write on the website info@SehgalMotors.pk with a clear subject.

There is a privacy policy that is a main part  the personal information that is given by you should be strictly confidential in relevance to the privacy agreements and governing laws and regulations if you disagree to the information used in the way you define agreement than please do not access\visit\use the site.the site is made for your easy access so do not use it for unlawful purposes like fraudulent purpose or criminal activities. If you want to buy or sell products you can get access online by following privacy rules through  SehgalMotors.pk hope so this information will help you.


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