The computer zone is an online computer store in Pakistan where you can buy laptops,tablets,Printers,Hardware,gaming products,graphic cards  and network products. The computer zone has almost 4000 online family members and about 60000 customers offline.computer zone was established 11 years ago to serve the needs of computer users and to help customers understand how the technology could be used to help them.The website regularly uploads latest products for buying and selling purpose

The website provides lowest market prices on laptops,printers,hardware products etc with the best quality available and this is possible becuase they always appoint intelligent staff which take care of customers and make solutions of their problems and that way the company is one of leading online product selling website. a common person can do business on the website by simply logging in to the website.By revolution in technology of technology you do not need to run after sale products asking for product specification and quotations by this app you can go through updated .complete and wast range of products by few clicks in the past online markets were not available now computer zone with the help of technology and keeping in view the needs of clints make it easy to buy and sale products.

So in order to buy products online you follow following procedure you can place your order online and upon confirmation of the payment the company will dispatch your order as soon as possible the total time is based on the amount of time to get payment authorization,order processing and the transit time from the carrier this can range from 24 hours to 10 days.

so you can order any of computer,hardware,laptop,tablets,printers, and technology related things through online through the offical website www. czone.com.pk. for any query you can contact through E-mail: info@czone.com.pk  if you still have queries you can simply log in through these websites and contact the compurter zone customer care center and get information about your query 


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