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The Allama Iqbal university was established in, 1974, with the most objectives of providing academic opportunities to lots and to people who cannot leave their homes and jobs. throughout these past years, the University has quite consummated this promise.

It has opened academic opportunities for the operating individuals and has provided access to the females on their doorsteps. it's conjointly done pioneering add the sector of Mass Education. it's currently breaking new grounds within the fields of skilled, scientific, and technical education. it's attempting to achieve intent on the remotest areas of an Asian country. it's conjointly attempting to harness fashionable data Technology for spreading education in an Asian country.

The idea of Distance Education was initially mooted within the United Kingdom within the late 60s by nation Prime Minister, Mr. Harold Wilson. He was of the read, that academic opportunities should be provided to people who might need to be lost higher education thanks to early employment and want to upgrade, their data and skills, within their spare time in the evening's reception. the united kingdom university was, so established in 1969. Since then it's become a significant establishment of learning within the United Kingdom and has opened opportunities for immeasurable operating individuals. The gospel of distance and Open Learning has, since then unfold throughout the planet. quite sixty Open Universities square measure operative round the world supported Distance Education. fashionable data technology has created the task of Distance Education a lot easier and effective.

The AIOU, once established in 1974, was the second university within the world and initial in Asia and the continent. It, thus, speaks of the foresight of the policy-makers of that point. As these past years of AIOU have verified, Distance Education has opened new opportunities for millions, significantly girls, and supplemented the efforts of the federal and provincial governments in an exceedingly massive means which too while not changing into a burden on their resources.

The idea of Distance Education assumed larger relevancy and acceptance in Asian countries thanks to the factors of impoverishment and relative deprivation of ladies. the speed of skill, incidence of dropouts, and excess to pedagogy is way lower within the poorer categories of an Asian country. The incidence of impoverishment is way higher in rural areas, wherever formal education is way less established. the speed of skill and education is way lower for females in an Asian country, significantly in rural areas, thanks to impoverishment and conservative traditions. several conservative oldsters underneath the pressure of maturity traditions don't enable their daughters to travel intent on the faculties. The AIOU, through its system of Distance Education, has, thus, providing academic opportunities to those homebound women and girls. This explains the explanations why the bulk of the scholars listed at the University square measure females.

Latterly, the University is attempting to satisfy another current would like. skilled and technical education in Asian countries is changing into terribly expensive, particularly in recent years, owing to government policy to encourage the non-public sector in these fields. The lower socio-economic class and poorer categories square measure being marginalized and their youngsters have little likelihood to induce high education in fields like Business Administration, computing, Medicine, and Engineering. The AIOU is attempting to fulfill this challenge and to stay a window open for these categories by keeping the prices at the minimum and by making a Student help Fund.


The Allama Iqbal university was established in could 1974 underneath Act No. XXXIX went along the Parliament of an Asian country. it had been at first named because of the People’s University, renamed as Allama Iqbal university in 1977 at the eve of the primary centenary of the national writer and thinker, Allama Muhammad Iqbal. the thought of associate degree "open university" was given with the diction of broad principles within the Education Policy of 1972-80, in these words:
"Open Universities square measure being employed in many countries to supply education and coaching to people that cannot leave their homes and jobs for regular studies. associate degree university can, therefore, be established to supply part-time academic facilities through correspondence courses, tutorials, seminars, workshops, laboratories, tv and radio broadcasts, and different mass communication media…."


The main objectives of the University as enunciated within the Act square measure as under:

To provide academic facilities to people that cannot leave their homes and jobs in such a fashion because it could confirm.
To provide such facilities to the lots for his or her academic uplift because it could confirm.
To provide facilities for the coaching of academics in such a manner because it could confirm.
To provide for instruction in such branches of learning technology or vocations because it could take for work, and to create provision for analysis and therefore the advancement and dissemination of data in such manner because it could confirm.
To hold examinations and to award and confer degrees, diplomas, certificates and different educational distinctions.
Salient options

Allama Iqbal University, since its institution has been providing and increasing its academic and coaching facilities to assist operating individuals and females to boost their qualification and activity skills. Main options of AIOU could also be represented as underneath Institutional Profile

Operating semester system offered doubly a year i.e. Spring and time of year.
The biggest university within the country with a median student ingress of quite one.2 million p.a.
More than 2000 courses being offered.
9 regional campuses, thirty-three regional centers, forty one approved study centers (for face-to-face programs) and 138 part-time regional coordinative offices.
1172 Study Centres square measure established throughout the Asian country.
The largest business firm in Asian country printing over one.8 million books annually.
More stress on science and technology by introducing programs in disciplines like Physics, Agriculture Extension, placental Management, and Nutrition, biological science Extension, computing. Collaborating with the non-public sector in establishing study centers to supply employment and sensible coaching within the fields of computing and Management Sciences.
The largest Teacher Education establishment in an Asian country with a median ingress of on top of four hundred,000 Students
The first university in an Asian country to determine the coed info.
Computerization in most fields and therefore the regions by the supply of around 700 PCs.
Provision of networking facilities between the most field and therefore the region to exchange data/information and redressal of students’ complaints.
Provision of web service in most fields.
Collaboration with the Asian country energy Commission (PAEC) for providing science laboratory facilities to AIOU students.
Establishment of Resource Centre for Basic useful Education (mainly for illiterates), skill and Post skill materials.
Pioneer establishment in an Asian country to supply post-graduate level programs in education.
he solely establishment within the country providing post-graduate programs in academic designing and Management.
Introduction of Master’s, M.Phil and pH.D. programs to develop professionals and enhance analysis capabilities in teaching and analysis establishments.
Well established Institute of academic Technology (IET) having in-house facilities for the assembly of TV, Radio and non-broadcast programs.
“AIOU Magazine” may be a regular TV program created in IET studios and telecast fortnightly from PTV-National on the primary and therefore the third Mondays of every month. This feature program includes reports of the newest educational and co-curricular activities happening throughout the month. The university has its FM radio and live FM radio transmission is being created obtainable for AIOU students. (Vice Chancellor’s Annual Report 2012 Pg.# 157)
Establishment of endowment with associate degree initial quantity of Rs.15 million, in 1997, currently reached over Rs.4 Billion (Vice Chancellor’s Annual Report 2012 Pg.# 194) used for the event activities like ComputerizationStaff development. Purchase of land for regional centers, construction of hostels for college students construction of buildings of regional centers, educational blocks, useful center with forty-three buildings (owned/ rented/leased)Networking of regions with the most field. Establishing info at most fields. Purchase of piece of furniture, transport for college students.Establishment of student help fund to assist meriting students in payment of fees.Provision of free education at the university for its staff and their sons and daughters
More than seventy p.c of scholars utilized.
Female ingress quite fifty p.c.
The rural-urban distribution of the scholars' fifty-eight and forty seconds severally.
No ordinance for ingress in University programs.
A student will continue at his own pace from semester to semester.
At present, an outsized range of scholars squares measures in SSC, Intermediate, Bachelor and Teacher education schemes. but for the previous few years, the university has been acting a lot of on pedagogy.
AIOU has the ability to obtainable for learners to enroll for the course(s) of his alternative at a specific level.


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