Cartoons in Urdu

Are Cartoons in Urdu play a role in our society? Who watches?

Cartoons in Urdu play a very important role in society. Cartoons are the best way to spread messages among children. Urdu is our national language and most children understand Urdu well. It teaches a basic manner to our children and they also understand well. If we want to teach your children then you talk to them with their mother language. It is watched by children of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and many more.

Writers of Urdu Cartoons:

Umera Ahmed
Asad Zafar 
Naseer Haroon
Ahmer Naqvi 
Ahmed Shezad
Tanzela Riaz

Top 10 Cartoons in Urdu:

Fairy Tales in Urdu
JAN in Urdu
Sim Sim Hamara in Urdu
Burka Avenger in Urdu
Quaid Se Batein in Urdu
Commander Safeguard in Urdu
Three brother and magical storm in Urdu
Witch of wells in Urdu
Magical Box And Snake Story in Urdu
Story Of Woodcutter And Magical Box in Urdu
Bagger And Love Story in Urdu
Rapunzel in Urdu


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