The National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST) may be a public analysis university underneath the administration of the Asian nation military with its main field in the national capital, Pakistan. NUST was established in 1991 by merging military and civil instructional resources. once its development, existing military colleges, and schools became constituent schools of NUST. the primary faculty to be attached with NUST was MCS in 1991. In 1993, the university was granted a charter and CEME and MCE became a part of the university. In Dec 1994 and November 1995, CAE and PNEC became constituents of NUST several. All the constituent schools were upgraded and MS programs were started at CAE in September 1997. In 1998, MS programs were started at PNEC and within the same year, Bachelor of odontology was started at AMC. In 1999, CEME and CAE earned ISO 9001 Certification, faculty of engineering science and pc Sciences (SEECS) was launched in the national capital and NUST graduate school (NBS, once called NIMS) was established. The university offers college boy and graduate degrees, as well as students and skilled degrees. based in 1991, it had been ab initio fashioned for the necessity of commissioned officers by combining engineering schools and colleges of Asian nation military. Later, it had been born-again into a public analysis university with the most field setup in {islamabad|Islamabad|capital of Asian nation|national capital} to market science and technology in Pakistan.
Founded to supply quality technical education for the speedy industry in the Asian nation, NUST adopted the AN Yankee university model and stressed laboratory instruction in the subject area and engineering. it's since vying a key role within the development of standardization within the education of fields like engineering, arithmetic, and technology in Asian nations and is widely famous for its innovation and educational strength, creating it one in every of the foremost prestigious establishments of upper learning in the Asian nation. The university is additionally home to AN under-construction International Association of Science Parks (IASP) certified National Science and Technology Park.


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