Which fabrics are sold by Khaadi in 2020?


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Which fabrics are sold by Khaadi in 2020?

Khaadi is the international lifestyle and fashion brand of Pakistan. Khaadi sold unstitched and ready to wear dresses of women, dresses of kids, accessories of both women and kids, and other home accessories.
• Khaadi is offering sales up to 50% off from 19th to 23rd March 2020.
• Go on and place your order now.
• It includes Spring and Luxury collection, Winter Vibe, and Winter Escape.
• Lawn, Cambric, Jacquard, Brosha, Khaddar, and Schiffli stuff are available in two and three-piece.
• It includes Basic and Printed Kurta, Kurta with Dupatta, Kurta with pants, Full suit, Embroidered Kurta, Tights, Pants, and Shalwar for semi-formal and casual.
• Kurta, Pants, and Formal Suits for EASTERN GIRLS.
• Blouses, Dresses, Tights, Pants, Denim, Sweatshirts, T-Shirts, Jogger Pants, Jackets, and Nightwear for WESTERN GIRLS.
• Kurta and Waistcoat for EASTERN BOYS.
• T-shirts, Hoodies, Shirts, Sweatshirts, Pants, Jogger Pants, Shorts, Polo Shirts, Chino, Jackets, Briefs, and Socks for WESTERN BOYS.
• Essential accessories include Hair Accessories, Undergarments, Hipsters, Socks, Stockings, and Boxers.
• Dupattas, Tank Tops, and Stole for WOMEN.
• Handbags, Hair Accessories, and Jewelry for KIDS.
• Bedsheets, Pillow Covers, and Floor Runners for BEDROOM.
• Digital Printed and Embroidered for CUSHION COVERS.
• Table Covers, Table Runners, Placemats, Hot Plates, and Coasters for the DINING ROOM.
• Fillings for ACCESSORIES.
• Cushion covers for KIDS.
• Towels for the BATHROOM.
For more details, check the official website of Khaadi:

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