Origin of Student Biryani.

Karachi being the center of all types of businesses and cultural platforms in our country gave rise to many fineness and gapes, we all enjoy and appreciate . Amidst them is the Student Biryani well known in the every region of Pakistan. Even though number of people enjoy the dishes served at the outcomes of Student Biryani  ,but only the least know about the origin of the Student Biryani,late in about 1969 Haji Mohammad Ali started his  business in the form of a rairhi. At that time Biryani waa one of the famous dish devour by the people,but that is not much available in the cafes and hotels. It serve as the golden time for Haji Mohammad Ali to trial the market and sell this flavour and this really works. 

The Biryani sold by him was made by his family at home with their own method and home whole spices,that was so to give the home made taste to the meal for which the public crave, as prepared in the mess and hotels lost that very luxurious taste, provided in the home,by doing so he achieved the good marketing standards.The business of Haji Mohammad Ali flourish because of the students that wants something healthy in lower prices, And from there they got it. A lot of students went to Haji sahb every day and devour those tasty rice cooked with the same love and care as made in home. 
In starting the type of dhaba shop was transformed into hotel standards but the chain was only confined in the Karachi, but now to the Lahore. In the beginning the dhaba was only served by Haji and his sons. They used to have only one tumbler which was fed to almost 50 people per day but now hotels are serving hundreds of customers. The main target was students that time so called as student Biryani, but now the whole set up is known as  Café Student,and now it is on its peak. Starting from just a Dhaba to  Biryani centers in Pakistan, also providing the home deliveries.Café student has took a lot tough time with to give us that delicious savory biryani.


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