AIOU Results

How we get AIOU Results information?

Using the AIOU Results site you can get your result easily by selecting options that give your desired output.
Through, this you can easily get your previous academic record. Forgetting, these results you must have your Roll number. I think this is very helpful for any student.
You can get your roll no slip through their official websites.
You can only eligible for papers if you have roll number slips. You can also see the date sheet on AIOU website.
if you want to recheck your paper you can also give an application for that.
Evaluation criteria :
1)Collection of assessment that has two modes(continuous assessments, term final exams)
2)Conduct exams like conventional systems and processing of the result.
3)Then at last issue certificate/degree to successful students within two years.
You can also check my article on AIOU admission for more info:                                                             



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