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What services Chughtai labs provide?

Chughtai lab is one of the famous medical labs in Pakistan. It is founded by DR. Akhtar chughtai in 1983.Its first name as Lahore lab. After a few years, it grew to 50 cities and has 7 testing locations and more the 200 centers. IT is ISO 15189 certified.
It provides quality ad satisfied results to their patients. It provides 24/7 services.
It also provides medicine delivery to patients. It also collects a free home sample of patients.
It is a private type of laboratory. It has 1000-5000 employees.

Offer services:
Collects sample 
Home Care(B.P,Injections,Drip,Vaccination,Nursing)
Chughtai pharmacy
Chugtai clinic
Radiology services(X-RAYS, Ultra Sound, ECG, USG, Echocardiography)
Endoscopy services
frozen section
Online doctor:
not currently worked
8:00 AM to 12 PM
Email address:

Lahore, Punjab
official website:
for sample collection and medicine delivery contact on this number: 


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