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GC University Faisalabad | Admission Date in GCUF?



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GC University Faisalabad | Admission Date in GCUF?

Before visiting GC University Faisalabad, students should check how many departments are there and in which department they can get admission. So, the precious time of students should not waste. A detailed list of faculties and their departments of GC University Faisalabad is as follows:

Arts and Social Sciences (Applied Linguistics, Applied Psychology, Education, English Literature, Fine Arts, History and Pakistan Studies, Law, Mass Communication, Political Science and International Relations, Sociology)
Economics and Management Sciences (College of Commerce, Economics, Lyallpur Business School, Public Administration)
Engineering (Chemical Engineering Technology, Civil Engineering Technology, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Technology)
Islamic and Oriental Learning (Islamic Studies and Arabic, Persian, Punjabi, Urdu)
Life Sciences (Bioinformatics and Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Botany, Home and Food Sciences, Medical Sciences, Microbiology, Physical Education and Sports Sciences, Physiology, Zoology)
Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacy Practice, Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry)
Physical Science (Applied Chemistry, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geography, Information Technology, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Software Engineering)

Important Notice:
The admission date of all undergraduate programs of GC University Faisalabad is expected in September every year.
Entry test for admission in Electrical, Civil, Mechanical, and Chemical Engineering Technology Programs are conducted at the last of September every year.
Aptitude test for admission in BS Fine Arts is conducted at the last of September every year.

Contact us:
Phone(1): +92-41-9200886
Phone(2): +92-41-9200066

Email: info@gcuf.edu.pk
Official website:https://gcuf.edu.pk/admissions

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