What is the role of BISEP in the education system?



Solved 25-03-2020 Anam 533

Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .

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Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported .

The BISE Peshawar tries to expand its facilities with ease and quick service to students and parents. In the modern age, online access for information is also available at any time on the official website of
The website facility is for the student to save their time by accessing their roll number slips, results, registrations, model papers and information related to study from their home while moving to any office.
The BISE Peshawar, despite receiving a nominal fee from the candidates, is running an effective administration based on the modern lines and is progressively improving its performance with the cooperation of all the stakeholders.
BISEP strives best to ensure transparency in the examination system and to engage well-reputed staff in the examination related affairs. It will ensure the eradication of corrupt practices and the use of unfair means at all levels. It is time for the young generation to prepare their studies according to the diverse challenges, Pakistan is faced with. The nation, their teachers and parents have great expectations from them. Such an initiative on their part will enable them to shoulder future responsibilities in society with confidence.

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