Technical Education &Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA) is a technical and vocational training authority founded by the GOVERNMENT OF PAKISTAN in 1999 to regulate the technical and vocational instititutes of Pakistan.It was reorganized in 2010 by the act Known as TEVTA ACT.

Its aim is to enhance global competiivness in Punjab through a quality and productive work force by developing demand driven ,standarized ,dynamic and integral techanical education and vocational training services.


 Promote and provide demand driven technical education &vocational training

Re-engineer and consolodate the existing technical education and vocational training system under the management structure.

Develop a dynamic technical and vocational training system to enshure horizontal and and vertical mobility

Regulate and develop stanadards of technical education and vacational training including internationally rcognized curriculum examination and certification system

 Upgrade teaching equipement to the required standard.

 Establish close relationship with various sectors of economy namly Agriculture industry,services and commerce

 Asses the manpower training needs in the context of domestic and global markets

 Enhance participation of private sector in training activities at Management level

Establish a system of public coordination through Boards of Management at District level,Coordinating all institiutions in districs and their administration

Motivate the local enterpenus to patronize the training programs of TEVTA institiutions provide on-job-training facilities and employment to graduates

 Set up regular monitering \Evaluation and feedback system for vocational training and teaching education to respond efficiency to the exsiting and changing demand of the economy.

Develop and regulate examination,Trade Testing and certification system to ensure uniformality of Education and Training standards

 Prepare traininig programs ,plans and projects keeping in view the local as well as forign manpower training requirments.

 Study and purpose changes in existing training legislations

Develop and offer need base d short courses in the sector of new technologies to the industry and also to offer services for solutions regarding associated production problems.

 Establish a staff developed system to other demand oriented and instructer training and upgrading performance.

 Organize and conduct seminars and workshops for various types of personal associated with vocational training and technical education

 Establish a databook  for skilled workers and technicians

Mostly tevta offers training in B.SC Technolgy and Diploma of Associate Enginnering (D.A,E,)and Diploma. You can contact tevta about any educational or other info through info@tevta.gop.pk.



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