The Sukkur institutie of Business Administration is a higher education institutie in Sukkur.The university is a public sector degree awarding instituite chartered by the Government Of Sindh and recognized by the higher education commission.The  university currenty involves six departments

1. Faculty of Business Administration

2. Faculty of Computer Science

3. Faculty of Software Enginnering

4. Faculty Of Mathemathics

5. Faculty of physical education

These departments offer degree on bacholer,masters,and post graduate levels.


Sukkhur IBA offers its students the experience of being involved with the management of the university through Sukkur IB student council .The council offers students the total of eighteen socities and clubs which they can join.These ranges from SIBA Enterpreneurship Socity to SIBA Music,Arts and Drama Society in order to help students enjoy their educatonal carrier to the brim.

Talent Hunt Program

Creating an opportunity for the sindh youth Sukkur IBA University launched its flagship program,Sindh Talent Hunt Program in the year 2007.Under the program deserving Students with humble background wuld be awarded fullu funded scholarship.The scholarship will include free tuition ,free hostel,free transportaion,free books along with monthly stupid of RS3000 deserving students are enrolled in Fondation Smester of Sukkur IBA University.The foundation smester entails a six-month-lomg rigorus trining in basic subjects i.e.Mathematics,English,and Information and Communication Technology.Every student minimum 3.00CGPA is then awarded the fully funded scholarship for the whole four years.After the success of Sindh Talent Hunt Program the institute partenered with oil and Gas Development Company and launched Talent Hunt Program nation wide.

The Program got titiled OGDCL where in 300 students not only from sindh but from wole pakistan get selected and enrolled in foundation semester with the same perk as the Sindh Talent Hunt Program.


SUKKUR IBA University has a full functional incubation center on its campus which was established in the year 2012 and has since successfully incubated 38 companies.

The sector is also involved with national and international firms in order to provide mentorship to its incubatees. CLC&lnc has also trained almost 1700 individuals In technical and vacational Education and Training in skills required by the job market.

Community Colleges &Public Schools

Sukkur IBA University is pioneer of the Community College idea in Pakistan.The institute has established colleges in far flung areas in effort to provide acces to quality education to underprivileged students of interior Sindh ,who cannot afford private education.The university has 13 community colleges and Public Schools in Khanpur Mrs ,Naushero,Feroze,Dadu,Ubarno,Larkana,Shikarpur,Ghotki,Sukkur,Hyderabad and Jacobabad.These community colleges and Public Schools provide basic primary and secondary education and also offers vocational and technical training courses with market oriented curriculum and highly qualified faculty.


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