The PUNJAB POLICE is a Police Force law and order agency responsible for maintaing law and order in the provience of Punjab,working under the command of inspecter General (IG)Punjab Police.It controls all criminal cases by taking action under the Police act 1861 to 2002 aginst criminals in the Provience of Punjab.The Punjab Police is constituted by the Police order 2002 and operates under police rules of 1934.

There is a central police officer at lahore which has number of functional branches like legal affairs division ,Finance &Welfare,Establishment operations,Training ,Research &development etc.These units report insepecter General of Police through their respective additional Inspector General of Police.The Regional Police officers reports to the inspector general of Public directly and they do not form part of the the Central Police Office,Punjab.The inspector General of Police is ex-Offico secretery to the Government of Punjab.The Punjab Police is staffed by the Officers of the Punjab Police and the Police Services of Pakistan.

Specified forces in Punjab Police Department;

1. Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA)

2. Counter terrorism Department(CTD)

3. Criminal Investigation Agency (CIA)

4. Special Protection Unit (SPU)

5. Punjab Elite Force

6. Punjab Boundary Force

7. Punjab River Police

8. Punjab Traffic Police

9. Punjab Highway Petrol

10. Punjab Dolphin Force

11. Punjab Constabulary

The main police formations are as follow

1 Central Police office,Punjab

2 Police Region

3 Investigation Branch

4 Special Branch

5 Telecommunication branch

6 Operation Branch


Beretta 92FS

Glock Pistol

Heckler and Koch MP5-Pakistani MP5 and POF-5 varitants in use manufactured under license by Pakistan Ordenence Factory

Type 56 assault rifle is a primary firearm of the Punjab Police

Hecklers @Koch G3 and Pakistani G3 varities are in use

Shot Guns

Riot Guns


Constable BPS07

Head Constable BPS 09

Assistant Sub inspector BPS 11

Sub inspecter BPS14

Police Inspecter BPS 16

Assistant superintendent of Police and Deputy Supriedent of police BPS 17

Additional Superintendent of Police and Suoerintendent of police BPS 18

Assistant inspecter General of Police ,Senior Superintendent of Police BPS 19

Deptuy inspecter General of Police BPS 20

Additional inspecter General of Police @ inspecter General of Police BPS 21

Inspecter General Of Police


SHO,DPO,CPO,RPO and PPO are posts not ranks,






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