Gujrawala Electric Power Company is an electric power company which supplies electricity to Gujrawala ,Region Punjab Pakistan.The jurisdiction of the company includes Sialkot,Narowal,Gujrawala,Gujrat and Mandi Bahauddin District.

Gujrawala Electric Power Company Limited has been set up over the area of jurisdiction and electrification network for former Area Electricity Boards,which was created in early eighties.It encompassed the area of existing districtis of Gujrawala,Hafizabad,Sialkot,Narowal,Gujrat and Mandi Bahauddin.

GEPCO was incorporated on 25april 1998 and obtained certificate for commencement of business on 5th june 1998.Management and Administrations is entrusted to a Board of Directers.

Earlier in 1960 the Govt of Pakistan has decided to set up an independent and autonomous Authority to deal with all available water resources and power system network including Power generation network transmission and distributionThe department was formed and named as Water and Power Development Athourity the 2nd biggest department in pakistan after Pak Army.In 1980 the power distribution network of WAPDA was subdivided into eight Area Electricity boards,GEPCO was oe of different electricity boaeds dealing with power distribution system.

In 1998 WAPDA was dis integrated into two main sectorscWAPDA and PEPCO ,WAPDA was restricted to only deal with water resources and hydro generation and PEPCO was found as overall incharge of the thermal generation ,transmission and distribution.pepco was found as temporary incharge companyof GENCO,NTDC and DISCO which was decided to be dissloved when these companies start working independently under one umbrella of the respective board of directers.

GEPCO has abot 3098120 connections with average monthly collection of 8937 Million Rupees.

Now how we can view our bill on GEPCO and can print it out.First you have to visit the website www.gepco.com.pk and when this website opens an option on the right side comes view your bill.

Then you click and the next page which opens has an option where you can enter your reference number.Then you enter your reference number you can see it from your previous bills and click submit.When we enter our reference number and submit then a whole bill is showed on the next page same bill which was given to us in printed form so we can view it online and also print it.Hope so you learned about the Gepco.


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