QUETTA formly known as Shalkot is a provincal capital and largest city of Balochistan ,Pakistan .It is also the 10th largest city of Pakistan .It was largly destroyed in 1935 Quetta earth Quake ,but was rebuilt and has a population of 4,678,932 according to census .Quetta is at an average elevation of 1680meters making its pakistan,s onls high atituite major city.The city is known as Fruit Garden Of Pakistan due to numerous fruit orchards in and it ,the large varities of fruit and dried products are produced here.

Quetta is trade and communication centre between two countries ,The city is near the bolan pass which is one of the mjor gateways from Central Asia to South Asia .Quetta played an important role militarily for the Pakistani Armed Forces in the internittent Afghanisthan Conflict.


Quetta serves as the learning centre for the Balochistan Provience .The city has a number of government and private collages including the following

l University of Balochistan

l Balochistan University of information and Technology.Enginnering and Management

l Sardar Bahadur Khan Women,s University

l Islamia high scholl which was frequently visited by Quaid-e-Azam  nicked name as chhota ALIGARH.

l ST.joseph convent School

l Bolan Medical Collage

l Balochistan Agriculture CollageGeological Survey of Pakistan

l Tamerr-e-Nau Public collage

l St Francis Grammer School

l Command and Staaf Collage

l Quetta instititute of Medical Sciences


Cricket and football are the two most popular sport among the quetta people .Football teams from Quetta include Quetta Zorawar,Muslim FC,Hazara Green Football,Baluch Foot Ball and Quetta Bazigar Club.The Quetta Bears represents the city in LIST A tournment while Quetta Gladiaters compete in Pakistan Super League .

Boxing is highly popular as well.IN  hockey Quetta has produced Zeeshan Ashraf and Shakeel Abbasi ,who were member of the Pakistan National Hockey team.


The shaheed Nauroz Stadium is the largest stadium in the city .The city also has Ayub National Stadium a multipurpose stadium used for cricket and BUGTI Stadium for cricket.Local facilities were created for mountain climbing and caving as well as water sport .HayatUllah Khan Durani is the cheif exective of HAYAT DURANI WATER SPORTS ACADMEY the balochistans first and only Rowing,Caneing,Kayaking,Sailing,rough swimming and boating acadmey where all such facilities are provided free to the youth members at Hanna Lake in Kayking.


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