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REHAM NAYYAR KHAN is a british Pakistani journalist ,author and film maker.She married EJAZ REHMAN her first cosin and british phychiatrist ,when she was 19. but divorce occured. .She married Pakistani former cricketer and know the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan in january 2015 .The couple divorced after 9months.She had three childern who lived with her since the devorce.


Reham was born to NAYYAR RAMZAN a Pakistani physician .She is ethnically of pastun origin from the Lughmani clan ,a sub clan of swati tribe. She is flutent in  four languages whih includes english,urdu,pashto and her ancesterol hindklo. Her family hails from the town of Baffa ,lying 15km west of manshera in kpk, provience,Her parents moved to libya in the late 1960,where reham was born in AJADABIYA in 1973 .She has one sister and one brother . She is niece of ABDUL HAKEEM KHAN who was former governer of the khyber Pakhtunkhwa provience and former chief justice of peshawar high court.Reham has bacholer degree in Education from jinnah collage for womens peshawar.Her offical website claims that she has done  POSTGRADUATE in broadcast Media,,from the Grismy insititute of further and higher education Grimsby,England,But in 2015 a british newspaper denied enrolling any student by the name of REHAM KHAN which proved that it was a fake degree.


Reham started his carrier in 2006 hosting shows on legal tv in 2007.Reham began prsenting for sunshine Radio Hereford and Worcester .IN 2008 khan joins BBC as weather girl.

Ib 2013 khan comes Pakistan and joins pakistani news channel news one,She later joined Aaj Tv .In 2014 following a brief stint at PTV she joined DAWN news prsenting the current affair show IN FOCUS followind a brief hiatus in 2015 she resumed her work with new show at DAWN .The reham Khan Show a program cekebrating Pakistani heroes ,debuted in May2015,in 2015 she started a new talkshow by the name of Tabdeeli on neo tv .Tabdeeli is also a political slogan of imran khan party her former husband,Reham left Neo tv in june 2016.

Reham Khan also produced Pakistani Film jannan ,the romantic comedy in set in swat which premiered on the occassion of eid-ul-adha.


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