Mehak Malik is a famous Pakistani dancer and a TikTok star. Famous Pakistani dancer Mehak Malik has captured the hearts of Pakistani Peoples and gained as much love as no one else can get.Mehak Malik has different faces some in front of the world and some are behind the scene. Sometimes people asked her muhammad ahmed doing islamic works and some people only know him as a dancer in the weedings.Mehak Malik dance and his hidden and appeared part of the life are surprisingly unforgattable and unbeleivable.

.In Pakistan mehak malik got famous in last few years before that she only participate in dance during weedings,and other small functions as dancers.Mehak Malik original name told by his father is Kashan Rajpoot and is from rajpoot family and resident of Toba Tek Singh. After sometimes he started acting like girls and later on he realized he is not a boy but a shemale. Fathers sent him to school for education but he only got education up to 5th class only.

After that father send him as kashan rajpoot to work on cutting shop from where run away and joined shemale group and from here kashaan rajpoot become mehak malik.After that he got dancing education from her teacher neli  and started dancing.Neli his teacher advised him to learn dance on seeing his beauty and skills in dancingAafter that for some time mehak malik learn dancing kill and in this period he participate in short function,weedings,but she get less money on hard work so she become sorrowful.Mehak Malik due to the beauty and attractiveness become famous earlier and after the .separtaion from his teacher due some conflict  this opens a new door of success for mehak malik.

Mehak Malik got famous after participating in weeding function in Dera Ghazi Khan After that mehak malik success started  and after uploading of video on social media mehak malik become star in one night. And mehak malik fans started growing which,staarted to find him after that there were a lot of functions offered to mehak malik and she started to earn alot of money  and after that her lifestyle changes she got cars jwellery and due to which his beauty also increased after dancing she advantage of social media and become as a tiktok star which took his fame up to moon.

Now people take time before 2months to see her dancing performance and dance on sariki songs is loved very much.



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