About Government Collage University Student Portal|How can affiliated collages register ,enroll and check results of students|What information about Students Course and Given on students Portal|

GOVernment Collage University has launched multiple potals to facalitate students getting information regardind admission and much more.in this article you will learn how to make use of student portal and get valid information.first we will learn how to open registraion and result portal.First you open google and open the GC University website GCU.GOV.PK and then a link comes you have to open it then the university website open up. You have to take a look a menu bar and open examination folder  and then comes the option of affaliated collages. Than comes collages portal you click on the collages portal than comes three type of options one is annual systems.Registration portal smmester system,result portal. Than whatever you want to open click on it to see the content. Whenever the collage get registered they work on registration portal to enter their students on registraion portal. If they open the result portal before registraion they will not get no result of student because until the student not get registration number the result is not announced for any student.

So first we enter registration Portal and we put in the user ID given by the university than registraion portal comes up you can see by clicking on the top portion to see which programs are given by the university to the collage in which he can enter the registraion proccedure. You can select the desired program and below fill up student data and can submit fill it clearly and final up.You can see your degree by entering title and seesion years in given box.

After that you go back to menu bar of of GC university and examination portion and open affliated collages same three links come you have to open result portal of smester system starting students will get their portal blank before registration number is alloted to your students.If students are registered and degree has been shown in the result portal.Let suppose you have the English department registered with government collage university so you have to click on it enter the seesion which is going on and in every smester enrollment of students is done let suppose in this 2019 to 2023 is working than you will get two options students and course if you click on students you will know how many students are registered for seesion 2019 to 2023.and after that in order to enroll you have click on the option enrollment and enroll students.

You can also get information about who is teaching you which course and of how many credit hours  and the detail about ercentage of attendence and course outline will tell you which teachers are taughting you  and fees details which you have submitted can also be checked with date and bank,datesheets are also uploaded on student portal  


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