The story opens with Sanam Khan (Sana Javed), nicknamed Khaani as a result of she is timid and craven not like a Khan, and her family, WHO area unit busy making ready for Khaani and her twin brother Sarim's coming birthday. Meanwhile, Sarim is close to graduate once he angers an expensive, spoilt son of an official named Mir Hadi (Feroze Khan). A fight ensues, and Sarim is killed by Hadi.

Devastated over the murder of Sarim, Khaani's family file a court case against Hadi, whose family counters by threatening, harassing and beguiling the Khans to form them retract the criticism. However, Khaani, WHO has matured and fully grown a backbone since her brother's death, is steadfast even once her oldsters waver within the state of affairs. still, Hadi's family succeeds and Hadi is free from his temporary imprisonment. Seeing Khaani's courageousness, Hadi is shocked and step by step grows fascinated and obsessed with her. He sends her gifts and tries to urge nearer to her while not her knowing his identity. Khaani starts to love her mysterious admirer, however, once she realizes that “H” is de facto Hadi, she lets go of her feelings.

Hadi's oldster's area unit terribly against his unrelenting interest in Khaani associated set up an 'accident' to kill her. Khaani finally ends up within the hospital, and once Hadi learns it was planned by his father, he confronts him and brazenly declares his love for Khaani, threatening to require his own life if she dies. Khaani survives with simply minor injuries, and Hadi is then determined to marry her. He tries to steer her however is unsuccessful. Seeing their son's wedding to Khaani as a chance to realize a good impression and votes within the coming election, Hadi's oldsters conform to facilitate him get Khaani however raise him to hold back whereas they persuade her oldsters. However, Hadi grows impatient and forcefully betroths her to himself once his father is away on a business trip. This ends up in Khaani and her family creating the choice to flee throughout the night and come in an activity. Hadi compulsively tries to look for her, and his relationship along with his|along with his} father worsens once he refuses to assist Hadi to realize Khaani with his resources.

Meanwhile, Khaani gets a well-paid job in an associate workplace and makes quick friends together with her boss's great-granddaughter, Raima, WHO misses her late mother. Arham, Raima's father and therefore the boss's grandchild, starts to fall for Khaani and confesses he like to her, to that she refuses as a result of she hasn’t recovered showing emotion from the scars left by Mir Hadi. Eventually, she offers into her feelings and accepts Arham's proposal.

Hadi learns from his relief, Ali, of Khaani's location, and defies his parents' want by beginning to seek out her. To his shock and hurt, he arrives at her home simply in time to visualize her in her wedding gown, making ready for her wedding. He kidnaps her however later returns her to her home once she tells him she'll ne'er love him. Resigned, he returns zero in a dysphoric and depressed manner. Khaani's family keeps her capture a secret from the groom's family and proceeds to require her to the marriage hall.

Hadi is overcome by actuality essence of affection and starts seeking the that means behind his feelings. Meanwhile, Khaani is merrily married and living with Arham’s family. However, Arham's family is privy by Hadi's mother, WHO needs revenge, concerning Khaani's capture and her family's lies concerning the past and her brother’s explanation for death, career her virtue and character into question, therefore leading to her humiliation. She short leaves the house while not informing anyone, and Arham feels lonely in her absence. He decides to bring her back, although his mother is against it.

Hadi, in distinction, is achieving high levels of affection and spirituality. Despite his friend and family’s requests, he decides to form a Sufi shrine his humble abode and stays there from then forwards, finding that his recent home reminds him of an excessive amount of all his guilty deeds and regrets. He conjointly starts experiencing religious visions within the variety of a lady throughout his keep within the shrine. This spirit assists him in recognizing true love. Hadi queries the spirit on a way to bring home the bacon the last word love, to that she replies that it's a womb-to-tomb, unending method.

After returning to her husband Arham's home, each Khaani and Arham conceive to open Khaani's brother Sarim's murder case get into a trial to prosecute Mir sovereign (Mehmood Aslam), Hadi's father, and Hadi himself, WHO shot Sarim.

Unaware that Hadi may be a fully modified man currently, WHO solely needs to unfold love and follow spirituality, each Arham and Khaani maintain with the case reopening. Hadi's father tries some ways to prevent his son from being admonished however fails anytime. Hadi himself declares he's guilty and therefore the court offers him the execution. Mir sovereign is afraid to face the globe and commits suicide, whereas Hadi is given a final want, to that he says he needs to fulfill Khaani. Hadi's mother begs Khaani's mother to save lots of her son from death, and Khaani's oldsters successively request Khaani to forgive Hadi. Khaani is initially reluctant then again decides to forgive Hadi. She visits him an associate hour before his execution and tells him that he doesn't get to die, as she has forgiven him. Hadi begs Khaani to let him die, however she leaves, telling him that dying is his simple resolution and legal instrument be the onerous approach. within the ending, Hadi is shown teaching alternative prisoner's love and the way to practice spiritually. The show ends with Hadi's speech communication 'This isn't my doing however it's all because of Allah.'


  1. Sana Javed as Sanam Ali Khan/Khaani
  2. Feroze Khan as Mir Hadi


  • Mehmood Aslam as Mir Shah
  • Saman Ansari as Sitara Shah
  • Salma Hassan as Sonia Salman Ali Khan
  • Rashid Farooqui as Salman Ali Khan
  • Muhammad Mubarik Ali as Arham
  • Qavi Khan as Hamid Malik
  • Seemi Pasha as Iffet
  • Shehzeen Rahat as Sara Ali Khan
  • Malik Emad as Ali
  • Shehzad Mukhtar as Mithal
  • Khushi Maheen as Raima
  • Rimha Ahmad as Sana Ali Khan


  • Ali Ansari as Sarim Ali Khan
  • Qazi Wajid as Judge


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