What CTS stand for? What services does CTS provide?

CTS stands for Central Testing Services. It is a testing team that conducts 4500 tests of government and private institutions. 7 million people took benefits from it and got jobs and admission.


CTS provides complete secure testing services to clients.

It provides many testing centers so that more candidates participate in it.

It provides complete information to clients about center location, security, how tests conduct.

One person from each client-side allowed in one center.

Complete information of applicants provided to clients.

Provide answers sheet if demanded from clients

Official websites: 



Offline and Online tests(personality, skills, interview, and psychological test).

We conduct academic tests (online and offline)with the collaboration of many universities. If you have done your studies and worry about online/offline admission exams. Then you don't worry, CTS provides you online tests through which you prepare for academic studies and respective carers. This will help you with how you improve your studies and what is your week point.


CTS provide excellent services to our clients and want to maintain a friendly relation with other organization with the help of our hardworking and experienced team.

Slogan :

To serve with integrity


50 centers for online tests.

80 cities for paper-based.

15000 trained people conduct this.

500 institutes worked with us. 

Conducting process:

Announcement nationwide through newspapers and websites about the coming project.

Registration open for offline and online tests.

Complete data collecting.

Identify the Subject of every candidate.

Mark out content then creates paper.

Select which location becomes the test center according to the ease of student.

Provides instructions, passing cards to all candidates.

Collect and supply test material for each center.

Check each candidate test paper

Prepare result.

Then sent to all candidates and relevant institutions.


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