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Which facility bilal travel provides to passengers?


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Which facility bilal travel provides to passengers?
Bilal travel is the most flexible and luxurious transport in Pakistan. It provides many facilities for people. It has air conditioner 70 seated buses. The hostess serves passengers with snacks and cold drinks and they also provide WIFI facility to passengers.for the security of travelers security guard facilitate them and passengers feel they are secure.

Bilal travelers also provide the facility of online booking and ticketing.

For booking :

1)Visit there official website

2) Select departure city option and write departure city.

3)Select arrival city option and write arrival city.

4) Select the date at which you go then select "book now".

5)all buses display on your screen and select one of them.

6)select the time which is suitable for you.

7)Enter your CNIC, email, city and phone no.

8)Select the payment method (on spot or advance).

9)You receive a confirmation message with ticket information

Don't delete this message because it is proved of your ticket at the terminal.

For more detail visit their website and call at their number.


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