IIUI | How many departments are there in IIUI?


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IIUI | How many departments are there in IIUI?

IIUI is an International Islamic University, Islamabad. IIUI is one of the best universities of Pakistan. After intermediate, every student has to face difficulty. He does not know about universities and departments in them. My answer is for all those students who are confused about selecting university because all universities including IIUI do not have departments in all fields. I am telling about the faculties and departments of IIUI in my answer.

1. Arabic
Departments are the Center for Teaching of the Arabic language, Literature, Linguistics, and Translation & Interpretation in IIUI.
2. Basic and Applied Science
Departments are Biological Sciences, Computer Science & Software Engineering, Environmental Science, Mathematics & Statistics, Physics, and Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Basic Science.
3. Engineering and Technology
Departments in this faculty are Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Advanced Electronics Laboratories, and Iqra College of Technology.
4. International Institute of Islamic Economics
5. Usuluddin (Islamic Studies)
Departments in this faculty are Tafseer & Quranic Sciences, Hadith & its Sciences, Comparative Religions, Dawah & Islamic Culture, Aqeedah & Philosophy, and Seerah & Islamic History.
6. Languages and Literature
Departments are English, Persian, and Urdu. Centre of Excellence for Modern Languages.
7. Management Sciences
Departments are Management, Finance, Marketing, and Technology Management.
8. Shari’ah and Law
Dapartments are Law and Shari’ah in IIUI.
9. Social Sciences
Departments are Anthropology, Education, History and Pakistan Studies, Islamic Arts and Architecture Studies, Media and Communications, Sociology, Politics & IR, and Psychology.

For more details, check the official website of IIUI: https://iiu.edu.pk/default.htm

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