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What are AIOU Tutors? How do I find AIOU Tutors?


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University appoints timely tutors, WHO assist students throughout totally different semesters, area unit known as AIOU Tutors. they're important to satisfy the full method of each semester. AIOU Tutors area unit the muse to any or all the scholars WHO area unit registered in Allama Iqbal Open University. AIOU Tutors area unit those whom you're sure to submit the assignments of your semester. thence it's important to induce data regarding AIOU Tutors before the cut-off date of your assignment work. If you're unable to seek out the knowledge regarding your appointed AIOU Tutors then your semester would get on stage.

The main performance of AIOU Tutors is to ascertain the assignments of scholars and allot them numbers per the standard of the assignment. throughout the semester university provides the scholars the coursebook to check the specified areas of that semester. At the top of the book, Associate in Nursing exercise is given by the University for college students to form Associate in a Nursing assignment by resolution of the queries of that exercise.

To complete the assignment students have a cut-off date and, hence, they complete it also as submit it before the shut of that date. This assignment then reaches to your AIOU Tutors to mark as par the factors. when checking the assignment, the AIOU Tutors allot marks to candidates that set their advantage within the final results.

If you're curious WHO your tutor is, then don’t be upset regarding it anymore!
Go to
Once you enter your roll range underneath the search box, If your record found in our information it'll show all the knowledge associated with your tutor. you'll be able to even print your tutor address by scrolling down the page and by clicking on Printer Icon, you'll realize your tutor alongside the subsequent details.

Subject Code
Tutor Name
Cell No
In some cases, if no tutor allotted to you, you'll be able to send your assignment to the closest AIOU regional field.

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