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How can I see my AIOU Assignment Marks?


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Students submit assignments to the AIOU tutors those AIOU assignments marks count in final. As well as If you're not submitted you aiou assignments just in case you get declared Fail. Also, Uni doesn't update all course marks. therefore if your course marks aren't on the market below then you will directly raise from your tutor or sit up for hard-copy of result card wherever your Allama Iqbal Open University assignment marks square measure shown.
AIOU assignments marks square measure important as a result of if you fail in any exercise, you'll be thought-about unsuccessful as an entire subject and can not be eligible to take a seat within the examination of that subject. you will sit up for results and you'll see your assignment result with the ultimate result card on the official web site.

AIOU assignment marks may be checked at
• Select the program you're in.
• Enter your roll range within the box titled Roll No.
• Your assignment marks are going to be displayed.

The approximate time for uploading aiou assignment marks is typically before one or fortnight the announcement of the ultimate result. It happens that the University doesn't update all the course marks. If such a scenario happens you'll be able to directly raise from the tutor concerning the specified assignment marks. Most of the time you're answered and if not answered you'll be able to sit up for the text of result card.

Aiou assignment marks square measure others to your consequence. the ultimate result's half-hour of your assignment marks and seventieth of your final term marks. So, don't take your assignments with no consideration and details connected Allama Iqbal Open University programs.

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