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Is Bitcoin legal in Pakistan? What is the value of bitcoin into Pakistani rupees?


Solved 05-04-2020 Anam 466

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The State Bank of Pakistan shut all cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, altcoins and ICO token. SBP ordered to cease any transactions relating to cryptocurrency. Further it is reported that if any related transaction occurs from any case it will be considered as suspicious and reported to the unit financial department. In any case, you want to send or receive money to your individual, it would be advised to consult with familiar lawyer regarding this matter. It must be noted that Bitcoin trading continues in Pakistan, albeit in a peer-to-peer fashion via decentralized exchanges (DEX). As individuals would be risking the closure of their bank accounts if caught trading Bitcoin, presumably most of such trading is conducted via cash exchanges.
In Pakistani rupees, Bitcoin equals to:
1 Bitcoin equals to 1,129,083.39 Pakistani Rupee

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