What is the achievement CSPS gain from its establishment?


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The College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan is a unique postgraduate medical institution in Asia. Founded Fifty-Five Years ago, it has the objective of promoting specialist medical practice; arrange postgraduate medical training and research and advance the high principles of the medical profession. The institution which had a humble beginning by Awarding Fellowships by examinations to TWO Fellows in 1967 and then offering merely half a dozen specialty programs has grown to be the one awarding about 18925 Fellowships in 73 specialties / sub-specialties and 8715 Membership in 22 disciplines. The College has attained high standards of learning, training, research facilities and of assessment for its Fellowships and diploma programs with international recognition.
CPSP maintain its academic standards at the highest level. Its faculty is drawn from amongst the most eminent professors and specialists in various fields of medicine and surgery. CPSP has set standards for the trainees which help attain perfection and expertise in the field of their specialty.
The College has thus been making its contribution to the development of medical sciences
It is a matter of great pride for the country that the College, during its Fifty-Five years’ history of existence, has made consistent progress and accomplished its objectives.
CPSP recognition for its qualifications (73 fellowship and 22 membership programs). The CPSP with these achievements today assumes a distinguished and prestigious position among the institutions of postgraduate medical education in the world.

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