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Which courses offered by AIOU in AIOU admission 2019?  Do the entry test required for AIOU Admission 2019?


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Allama Iqbal Open University national capital had recently opened their admission for spring 2019. The University declared the admission in several of the classes that are listed below. We know, AIOU Works in Distance education University for many of its courses. In fall session Allama Iqbal Open University conjointly opened their admissions for normal Students for courses like (BS metal, Ph.D., LLB) and lots of others. Let speak additional regarding aiou admission below.
AIOU typically opens its admission for fall within August or September. The short courses are offered by aiou i.e skilled worker, CT, Ptc. the best thing about the space education system is that the scholars in urban areas or job persons will simply continue their education with aiou.
Hereby, The Aiou formally declared its 1st advertising for the admission of spring 2019. you'll conjointly see that image below of this para. everywhere the courses that are offered by aiou in spring 2019 ar listed below.
Courses Offered By Aiou – AIOU Admission
As we tend to already mention that just about all of the courses that are offered by aiou are opened for admissions in the spring session. Let’s have a glance at the courses that are offered by aiou.
• Phil Programmes
• Master’s Programmes
• Ed Programme
• Bachelor Programmes (B.a, Bscs, B.ed)
• Higher lycee Certificate (Intermediate)
• Secondary college Certificate (Matric)
• Post Graduate credential (PGD)
• Diploma in Education
• Primary credentials (PTC)
• D Programmes
• Business Administration
• Post Graduate credential
• Teaching coaching Programmes
• Dares-e-Nizami
• Associate Degree Programmes

Do Aiou Conduct Entry test for Admissions?

Most of the Programs that are offered in AIOU doesn't need any of the entry tests. though for Master Program students ought to provide NTS check. they need to connect their results of NTS with their admissions forms.

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