BTC to PKR | How to exchange BTC to PKR in 2020?


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BTC to PKR | How to exchange BTC to PKR in 2020?

BTC to PKR means bitcoin to Pakistani rupees. Some people earn BTC from the websites but can not exchange/sell that BTC. Their earnings become useless. Most of the people face this problem. Now I am going to tell you how to buy BTC instantly in Pakistan. Follow the steps given below to exchange your bitcoin to PKR and PKR to BTC:
• Open the website using this link:
• Click on the Create Account button at the top right corner of the website.
• Give your Email & password, solve an easy puzzle, and click on “create account”.
• Check your email for account verification.
• You can send & receive BTC using this website on your online wallet. You can withdraw/deposit money (PKR) in your bank account. You only need to link your bank account with your Paxful wallet.
• This is not the only method. You can also try 327 other payment options to exchange bitcoin to PKR, and vice versa.

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