What services kpkpsc provided?


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What services kpkpsc provided?

kpkpsc stands for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa public service commission. It is an agency of the government of KPK that is responsible for call-up civil servants and bureaucrats.

Its headquarter is in Peshawar, Pakistan.
kpkpsc established in 1973 and become fully functional in 1978.


Purpose of kpkpsc:
1)Conduct test and examination for vacant posts
2)then according to the result they advise the governor for selection of candidates for posting.

First, they do an advertisement for a vacant post.

The candidate applies through an online application. First, they make an account to apply online.

Syllabus and past paper are telling to the candidate before.

Merit list
Then merit list display of selected candidates.

The candidates also check their result online just entering roll number.

Call letters send to candidates so that they examine the ability test.

Successful letter:
then at last successful letters generated and sent to the candidate.

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