The University of Sargodha

Is The University of Sargodha best for admission?

Yes, it is best for admission. If you ask me why? then answer is below. First read about the University of Sargodha and then decide.

The University of Sargodha is a public center. It is located in Sargodha. It was founded in 2002. It has one satellite campus which is located in bhakkar. Riaz-ul-Haq was the first acting vice-chancellor of bhakkar which was also former vice-chancellor of the Main campus.


Telemedicine center:

Sargodha university launch telemedicine centers through which they help every patient from the comfort of their home zone.





Students got an education in 137 programs.

53 are MPhil and Ph.D. programs.


Affiliated institutes:

400+ educational institutes are affiliated with it.



2,84,342 students got education from this in which 10,000 are undergraduates and 1200 posts-graduates students.


Academic staff:

It has a highly talented, experienced academic staff of 460.


Acting Chancellor:

Dr.Ishtaiq Ahmed is acting vice-chancellor of UOS.


Research Achievements:

Students of UOS got many achievements also in research as well as many other fields.

"khus Aab" drinking water project is also very remarkable. It exports to"Abu Dhabi"

"A herbal Antioxidant System for chewing Gum Stability" is also a product of UOS students.

"Dr.Amin" produced a new version of paracetamol.

It is also the center of x-ray crystallography in Pakistan.


Divisions in University:

There are eight primary fields which include:


Social and behavioral science


Oriental language


IT field

Health care science


Communication centers:

The university has its FM radio.

Community programs:

It also has its pharmacy from which medicines sold at low rates and have standard quality.

It provides free education to orphan and huffaz students.


CDC stands for a career development center.

CDC aims to enhance the skills and experience of all its students. It also facilitates students.

It collects innovation idea from students then mature that idea and also marketized them. It also helps them in academic, social lives.





Wazir Agha Library

Microsoft Softwares

PHEC Complaint cell

Lincoln Corner


for checking and improving the quality of education. Concept of QEC launch in which students give feedback against

teachers and administration without any hesitation.


It also provides hostel facilities to all girls and boys separately. It also provides security to them.


UOS Signed MOU with broadcasting and corporation to help students hone their skills.

it also signed with the University of Huddersfield to extend research corporation.

Signed with the Sargodha chamber of commerce and industry to uplift agriculture.


According to Time Higher Education (THE), it is ranked 1276 in world university ranking.



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