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Is Maya Ali host or Actor? What is her real name?


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Is Maya Ali host or Actor? What is her real name?

Maya Ali is a famous actor of Pakistan. Her real name is "Maryam Tanveer". But she used Maya Ali as a stage name. She is performed as an actor, model VJ, and host in the industry. Her debut film is Teefa In Trouble that released in 2018. Her second film is Parey Hut Love with Co_Host Shahryar Munawar.
Both are successfully released in Pakistan. 27 July 1989 is her birthday.

Instagram Account:
3.7M people fellows her on her Instagram account.

She completed her education up to master's in Mass Communication.
She also loved sports in school life.

Her debut drama is Durr-e-shahwar
khoya Hoa chand
Ranjish Hi Sahi
ladon mein Palli
Meri Zindagi h tu
Mann mayal

She was an ambassador of Shaukat Khanum memorial cancer hospital and research center.
She was Ambassador of Quetta Gladiators.
She is an ambassador of lux, mobile, diva body spray, royal fan

She appeared with Shahryar Munawar at BBC Asian Network.

Best female debut And best Onscreen Couple Award with Ali Zafar for Teefa In Trouble Film.
She won the IPPA Award of best actor female Film viewers choice award.
She won the Lux style Best Actress drama award and also won Hum awards.

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