PEF | How the PEF works in Pakistan?


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PEF | How the PEF works in Pakistan?

PEF is Punjab Education Foundation in Pakistan. It was established under the Punjab Education Foundation act of 1991 to promote education for all Pakistanis people. It is a non-profitable institute to provide free of cost education to people.
PEF provides free and quality education through a public-private partnership. Act 2004 through a series of programmes such as FAS, EVS, NSP which are non-profitable and non-commercial. It is creating substantial changing in remote areas of Punjab through the board of director. It has initiated and approved Punjab School support programme under PEF to improve quality of education in low performing public schools. Some of its departments are:

• Foundation Assisted School
• New School Programme
• Academic Development Unit
• Information Technology
• Admin and Procurement
• Law
• Audit
• Education Voucher Scheme
• Continuous Professional Development Programme
• Monitoring and Education
• Human Resource
• Communication
• Finance
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