Pakistan Independence Day

Pakistan Independence Day | How Pakistan Independence Day is Celebrated?


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Pakistan Independence Day | How it is Celebrated?

Pakistan came into existence before 72 years. Pakistan Independence Day is celebrated on 14th August of every year in all provinces and informally parts of Pakistan. It is the nature of man that he loves the place where he born. Pakistani public also love its homeland very much. Every person celebrates this day and expresses his love with his country in his way. Some people put the Green Flag on their homes. Children spend this day by putting small buntings and flags in their homes. Youngsters put Pakistani flag on their motorbikes, cycles, and cars to show their love for their homeland.

Some people think that they should plant trees and plants to make their homeland prosper and green. Everybody is happy on this day either he is poor or rich. There are many speeches and poetry competitions held at the national level. Children tribute their heroes in the tablos at their schools, colleges, and universities. Functions of Pakistan Independence Day held in schools where students wear green and white dresses. Some children wear Army Uniform to show their love for Pakistan which always defend his country and embraced Martyrdom. Some children make Star and Moon on their hands and faces to show. Some of them also put badges (specially made for Pakistan Independence Day) on their shoulders. These are the symbol of their happiness and their love for their homeland.

On Pakistan Independence Day, a parade of Pakistan Army is also held. Half of the Pakistani people watch this parade. Some of them watch live, some watch on TV/Social Media. Old people tell stories of the struggle behind the existence of Pakistan to the children so that the new generation comes to know the struggle of their forefathers. There are talk shows, live programs, debates, and negotiations on TV channels and FM radios. Pakistani Flag is waved on the government institutes in the morning. On Pakistan Independence Day, everyone tries to protect a green flag and small buntings from falling because it is the disrespect of the homeland.

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