Maryam Nawaz

Maryam Nawaz || Some Unknown Facts About Maryam Nawaz


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Maryam Nawaz || Some Unknown Facts About Maryam Nawaz

Maryam Nawaz is the politician of Pakistan. She is the daughter of the Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan (Nawaz Shareef). She passed her early education from Lahore. She wanted to be a doctor. That’s why she got admission to Pakistan’s Medical no. 1 college ‘KingAdward’ illegally after doing FSc. According to the merit of college, Maryam Nawaz’s marks were too low. She got admission due to her father Nawaz Shareef. Therefore, she had to face criticism when people came to know about this illegal admission. So, Maryam Nawaaz was expelled from the college without the completion of her degree.

Maryam Nawaz got married to Captain Safdar in 1992. She was only about 20 years. Safdar was the security in-charge of the Shareef Family and was the Captain in Army. It was the responsibility of Captain Safdar to provide pick and drop facility to her from and to college. In the meanwhile, they both got married without the permission of her family. Now, they have three children.

After expelled from KingAdward College, Maryam Nawaz started MA English from the University of Punjab. She also did Ph.D... In 2014, Lahore High Court challenged her degrees that either she got degrees after studying or without study. She did not reply clearly but in the election of 2018, she just showed her MA degree. Then, it was clear that the degree of Ph.D. was fake.

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