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Sindh High Court || Role of Sindh High Court in insurance of justice in the province Sindh


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Role of Sindh High Court in insurance of justice in the province Sindh

Sindh High Court is the highest judicial organ in the province of Sindh. It is a constitutional institution. The principal seat of this high court is situated in Karachi and circuit benches are in Sakhar, Larkana, and Hyderabad. It is the custodian of the constitution in province Sindh. Its jurisdiction extends all over the Sindh province. The supervisor jurisdiction in province Sindh is the prerogative of Sindh High Court. It supervises and controls all courts subordinate to it. It includes hearing and entertaining against the judgments given by subordinate courts.

Sindh High Court ensures justice in the province of Sindh. If any subordinate court denies the establishment of justice in any way, the High Court after reviewing the judgment provides justice. However, the procedure of the court is lengthy but it is not the hope of losing. The most important and foremost purpose of this constitutional institution is to provide justice to every citizen of province Sindh.

Sindh high court is the highest court of appeal in civil as well as criminal matters. The head of the court is chief justice. The bench of the high court consists of justices and additional judges. The judge retires at the age of 62 years. There is no method of removal of judges except impeachment. The supreme judicial council, a constitutional institution authorized by the constitution of Pakistan to remove the judge from his office. Article 209 of the constitution of Pakistan provides a method of the removal of judges. The power of the judge is the power of the court. The constitution secures the judges, it means it paved a way for the insurance of justice. The change and removal of judges weekend the assurance of justice.

In short, we can say that the Sindh high court has a great role in the assurance of justice in the province of Sindh. Any person being threatened in any way has an opportunity to approach the court.

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