Nazia Hassan

Nazia Hassan || Real Cause of Death of Pakistani Pop Queen Nazia Hassan


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Nazia Hassan || Real Cause of Death of Pakistani Pop Queen Nazia Hassan

Nazia Hassan was the first pop singer in Pakistan who got international popularity at an early age. She died on 13th August 2000 at the age of 45. The reason behind her death was lung cancer. She survived at a very young age. But in her short career, she did a lot of work that is still alive. It was saying that the reason behind her death was her divorce. Nazia Hassan got married to Karachi’s businessman Ishtiaq Baig who was the brother of her friend Afreen Baig. It was a love marriage.

In the last year, Ishtiaq Baig said during his interview that he did not give divorce to Nazia Hassan. There are many rumors about his and his wife. It is not the fact that she got divorced before 10 days of her death. Nazia did not suffer from cancer for the first time before death. She also suffered from Ovarian Cancer in 1992. In those days, she was working in an institution of the United Nation. In 1995, they got married. In 2000, she passed away. There were many reasons behind the conflict between me and Nazia Hassan’s family. She knew that she is suffering from cancer and has less time to spend in this world. She had an urge to become a mother. I also told her that it is not possible due to your disease. But she did not understand and her wish became true. We got a baby boy named Areez.

Nazia Hassan’s mother thought that I was against her career of pop singing. She was intelligent, talented, and beautiful. She simply said what she feels. She was a star singer for the world but she was very important to me. She was a very beloved wife who knew all her responsibilities. Ishtiaq Baig explained that I did not give divorce to Nazia Hassan before her death. She was in my Nikkah at the last breath of her death. I also have evidence of what I am saying.

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