Why students fail in exams and what is the solution?

Why students fail in exams?

Students go to university to gain knowledge and skills which help them in future, but success in exams depends on several factors. Some students fail in exams due to poor course or faulty selection which makes students to find it difficulty catching up with the course when things get difficult. Failures in exams are caused by following factors:

1.       Laziness

2.       Over-confidence

3.       Poor reading habit

4.       Poor course or faulty selection

5.       Perceptions

6.       Lack of concentration

7.       Friends

8.       Finance

9.       Tutor Influence

10.   Procrastination

Tips to deal with Bad Result

  Following are essential tips to deal with the bad result or score in an exam:

1.       Analyze the reasons behind future

2.       Change your approach

3.       Be positive for next attempt

4.       Stop fretting about your failure

5.       Follow a different strategy for next exams

6.       Give your best


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