What is PAEC? What are jobs of PAEC? How to apply a job in PAEC?

What is PAEC? And what are jobs of PAEC? How to apply a job in PAEC?

PAEC stands for Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission”. It is a federally funded independent governmental agency, concerned with research and development of nuclear power, promotion of nuclear science, energy conversation and the peaceful usage of nuclear technology. The PAEC provides lobbying the governmental level for the safe usage of nuclear power stations. Protection of the nuclear power facilities is managed by the Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority (PNRA). Providing policies guidance to the government, PAEC’s studies envision setting up power plants with a capacity of approximately 8800 Megawatts by 2030. Under this policy, the KANNUP POWER PLANTS and CHASHNUPP POWER PLANTS are expanding and under construction as of 2013.   

What are jobs of PAEC?

The available vacancies are listed below:

1)      Cook

2)      Carpenter

3)      Pharmacist

4)      Technician

5)      Driver

6)      Assistant Manager

7)      Scientist

8)      Engineers

9)      Accounts Officer

10)  Doctors

Interested applicants can apply for PAEC jobs by following the criteria laid out by the Pakistan Government. Register yourself on their page by filling out a form with the required credentials and then look for the position of interest. People who will fulfill the requirements will be shortlisted for further process. An email with your application and CNIC number will be sent to you exactly after the submission of the application. You can see the status of your form and test date by logging in to your account. The interview will be taken of only selected individuals.


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