How to perform Tahajjud Prayer?

How to perform Tahajjud Prayer?

The Tahajjud prayer is a special prayer which is recommended for all Muslims. The Tahajjud is prayed after Isha (the obligatory night prayer) and before (the obligatory Morning Prayer). Though the Tahajjud isn’t compulsory, many devout Muslims try to make it part of their daily routine as an act of worship and to earn forgiveness from Allah. To learn how to pray the Tahajjud in the way lay out by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

  Preparing for Prayer

1.      Arrange to wake up after midnight

2.      Wake up and perform Wudu

3.      Go somewhere clean, quiet, and dignified to conduct your prayer

4.      Remove all worldly worries from your heart

Saying the Tahajjud

1.      Make your intention to pray known

2.      Perform two rakats

3.      Repeats rakats as you wish

4.      Add your own dua after the rakats

5.      Go back to bed, if you become too tired to complete the Tahajjud

Exploring the Tahajjud

1.      Read scriptural passages about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s observance of the Tahajjud

2.      Consider saying the Tahajjud with your family

3.      Emulate the practices of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

4.      Make the Tahajjud part of your routine


When does Tahajjud prayer start and ends?

If the Adhan for Isha is 8:25 pm and the Adhan for Fajr is 4:25 am, and the duration of night time between them is therefore 8 hours, then

Ø  The first half= 8:25 pm to 12:25 am

Ø  The second half= 12: 25 am to 4:25 am

Ø  The first third= 8:25 pm to 11:05 pm

Ø  The second third= 11:05 am to 01:45 am

Ø  The last third= 01:45 am to 4:25 am

Ø  The fourth sixth= 12:25 am to 01:45 am

Ø  The fifth sixth= 01:45 am to 03:05 am





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