It is one of the ladies brands in Pakistan. It provides an exquisite luxury of embroidery and it is smoothly textured. The fabric of this brand is very good.


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It includes

a.      Unstitched 3pc Printed Embroidered Lawn Shirt with Organza Lines Dupatta

b.     Unstitched 3pc Printed Embroidered Lawn Shirt with Printed Chiffon Dupatta

c.      Unstitched 3pc Jacquard Shirt with four side Jacquard Dupatta


a.      Linen

b.     Viscos

c.      Jacquard Classic

d.     Inaya

e.      LaRobe

f.       Shades

g.     Rococo

h.     Zure

i.       Cotton silk

j.       Swiss

k.     Black and White


For further details visit website of SALITEX


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