What are the meaning of short terms used in Allam Iqbal Open University result ?

Today I will explain the terms which you see on the result card of 

Allam Iqbal Open University.

  • R/E ( means you have to reappear in the exam and in the next exam you will just give paper your complete subject is not fail.
  • R/W ( Means you have to just reappear in workshops with next workshops of the same subject )
  • R/EW ( you have to reappear in exam and workshop both )
  • AR/E ( Means you have previously reappeared in exam but you have to do it once more still you are not passed in the written test )
  • AR/EW ( Means you have to reappear in exam and workshop )
  • A/W  ( Means you was absent in workshop )
  • A/E  ( Means you was absent on paper )
  • N.A.W ( Means you didn't attend the workshops )
  • FAIL ( You are failing in the subject means you didn't submit your assignments that's why you are complete fail and you have to send your admission again for the complete subject and you have to do all steps. so always be careful and ensure that your assigned tutor must assign your assignment marks.)
  • R/L ( means your result is late so wait your result will be announced soon. sometimes this happened with students whose data didn't receive by AIOU and waiting from the teacher side to submit the result.
  • UMC ( Unfair mean case means you cheated in the exam and that's why your paper is canceled)
  • DMC ( Detail Mark sheet of your result )


above are the shortcuts and students face difficulty when they see the result to understand the meaning of different abbreviation that's why we explain you all abbreviation.


still, if you have any questions or query please comment we will do our best to answer you.



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