Did you know 3 and 4 shaban is very important in islamic history

On 3rd Shaban Hazrat Imam Hussain ( A.S) born
And on 4th Shaban Hazrat Ghazi Abbas ( A.S) born

Both these days are very important for muslims.
And many muslime celebrate these days properly

Specially Shia Sect because
These two personalities save Islam
And last savior of Islam who stand infront of
Yazeed maloon on 10th Muharram in Karbala
And got Shadat


In Progress 19-03-2021 Raja Fahad Bin 834

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Ibraheem 24


Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported .

3 shaban.wiladat Imam Hussain.
4 shaban wiladat Mola Abbas

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